About us

Improvtech Ltd. which Located at Ningbo – china, commenced operations in 2005 and currently produces a broad range of ancillary computer products, which are sold in allmajor worldwide retail chains. Since commencing operations, the company has had a large number of regular,long-term customers and worldwide distributors, and their number has beenconsistently increasing. Improvtech Ltd. espouses reliable, qualitative, courteousand professional service as a primary component of the company’s image and itscharacteristics.

The company’s products are  undergo stringent quality control testing,with emphasis being placed on high precision quality, a meticulous finish andcompliance with the timing schedule from commencement of the production processthrough to delivery to the customer. The company is able to supply large quantities of inventory on short notice andi accordance with customers’ requirements.

The company’s main activities are: Research and development of innovative products and their market penetration.
Distribution of existing products to all computer, gifts and artifacts, officeequipment and toy chains.
Expertise in providing marketing solutions to companies, institutions andbusinesses, both large and small.

The company’s overseas customers include: Tiger, Office Depot, Comp USA,etc.