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A unique way for maximum exposure!

Decorative Keyboard Stickers

Decorative Keyboard Stickers can be adjusted to any language or design!
Printed on a uniquely designed background and compatible screen decoration
with a classy personal touch.

Compatible with any desktop keyboard.
unique matt coating for long lasting use and for pleasant touch.

Fully covers your keyboard with astonishing graphics!
Large and vivid characters.
Renews worn out keyboards.
The letters do not rub off.
Removable without  sticky residuals.
Easy to apply.

Lapton skins Make your computer unique!

Our laptop skins are professionally designed vinyl “stickers” that make your laptop unique.

Do you want to be different?
stand out from the crowd?
Our laptop skins designs make your laptop special.

We use only well-tested materials and printing technologies for
our laptop skins which are also used in the graphic design, signmaking and automotive industries.
Our laptop skins will even protect your notebook against abrasion and damage.
We use an ultra-strong laminate to ensure that our laptop skins la st and your laptop does too.

Your company logo on keyboards and laptop skins!